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Space Week, and Upcoming Events- Book Fair and Bookmark Contest



This year’s theme for our new bookmark contest will be Favourite Book Characters.  I can’t wait to see what book characters you like the most and how you will draw them!  Feel free to put a quote from the book to go with your character and bookmark!

 Your bookmark must represent this theme.  A winner will be chosen for each of the following groups:

GROUP 1- Jk/Sk/Grade 1

GROUP 2- Grades 2,  3, and 4

GROUP 3- Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8

The winners will receive a $5 Indigo gift card from Mrs. Baillargeon, the teacher-librarian.  Winners will be chosen based on creativity and artistic effort.

All designs and drawings must be original.  Your design may be in colour or in black and white.  If in colour, make sure to colour it in well and very neatly.  If in black and white, it should be outlined with a thin marker or a pen.  No pencil drawings will be allowed.  Make sure your design is neat, easy to read, and reflects the contest theme for this year.  If you write something, make sure all writing is clearly printed and words are spelled correctly.

A paper copy of the bookmark contest rules will be sent home with your child- they can design the bookmark in the space provided. 

TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR BOOKMARK AND SEND to Mrs. Baillargeon at with your name, grade, and homeroom teacher by:  Friday Nov. 13. (due the same day as the Book Fair order!)

space suit reading

I am late to tell you about World Space Week but I figured it would be good to feature about it anyway!

In keeping with the space theme, check out! This site features astronauts reading children’s books aloud as they float weightlessly on their space station!  So fun!  Some of the books that the astronauts read are Astronaut Annie, Mousetronaut, and A Moon of my Own.

A reminder to everyone to keep working on your Accelerated Reader goals for Term 1.  Parents, you are able to have your child take AR tests at home if you would like, just as we did last spring.  Connect with your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any issues with this.  Of course the students are taking tests at school as usual too.  Keep reading HHCS!

Moose fact of the week:  A flap of skin called a bell hangs below the moose’s throat. Go HHCS Moose!


black moose under tree

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Novel Effect App, and Books About Anxiety

There are some great fiction and non-fiction books to help talk to your child about their anxiety and worries.  I hope that some of these can be helpful for you:

(This one also has information for how to create a calm-down kit)



I would also like to introduce you to a really fun reading resource- the Novel Effect App!  This free app is easy and so fun to use.  You can also subscribe to a paid version for more options. As you read a fiction book, non-fiction book, or poem in the app’s collection aloud, the app follows along with your voice and plays sound effects and music that matches the different parts of the story!  Recently I read “The Day the Crayons Quit” with the app and it added an imaginative dimension to the read aloud.  The Novel Effect app has a good selection of books that are available to read with sound effects.  I found it really added to the enjoyment of the story and with keeping the children’s attention.
Moose facts of the week:
Moose live about 15-20 years in the wild.  They weigh about 1,800 pounds on average.
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Upcoming Book Fair, Common Sense Media, and Books About Thankfulness

If you haven’t seen these pictures of the display at the front entrance of the school yet, please enjoy.  The writing prompts were “children felt… at residential school” and “children should feel… at school.” This was an amazing school-wide application of the students’ knowledge and feelings about Orange Shirt Day.  Thanks to Mrs. S. for organizing this project and to all the teachers and students who participated!

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Learning Disabilities Month, and Author Spotlight on Eric Walters

Hello HHCS! October is Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia Awareness Month.  I hope you will try out some of these books with your children!  It is important for children to see themselves reflected in literature as well as to look out into the world and learn something new about other people or places.  Whether learning disabilities are something your family is very familiar with, or a subject that is new for your kids, some of these books would be great to use as either a “mirror” to reflect themselves or a “window” to look out and learn something.  Check out the link at for more.


Best Children’s Books With Characters Who Have Learning Differences (Disabilities)

Author spotlight:  Eric Walters.  

Canadian author Eric Walters has written over 100 books for young readers ,middle grade readers, and young adults.  I introduced his book “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”, written about a group of students during the Covid pandemic, to several of the classes I teach at school.  I also showed them a video interview with Eric Walters and talked about his impressive catalogue of books that he has written.  Check out his work at

Moose information of the week:

Moose are usually very peaceful animals.  Only male moose have antlers.

black moose on green grass

Book quote of the week:

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home. “ – Anna Quindlen


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