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More Podcasts, and Holocaust Remembrance Day

Hi HHCS! Just a reminder that I am running the Scholastic Book Club program for any classes in the school that aren’t already doing it through their homeroom class.  Instructions are on Sycamore News.  It’s a great program- affordable books for your family, and help to earn free books for our school library!

This week is the observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Here are some books on the topic for various age levels. Go to 

for a detailed list and description of many more books that help ensure we will never forget.


Last week I featured podcasts that are related to reading.  This week’s list is on various other topics such as science, history, and current events.

But Why? – topics such as science, poetry, space, history, and civics

Pants on Fire – Can you decide which stories are true and which are false?  Great podcast for learning to weed out “fake news”.

KidNuz – Current events

Tumble- Science Podcast for Kids

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd  – story-based time-traveling adventures in history

Brains On – science – A debate show that takes 2 cool things, smashes them together, and lets you decide which one is best.

Smash Boom Best

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified – adventure series for the whole family

The Past and the Curious – Little-known stories from history

NPR- Wow in the World – science and technology


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