Genre Spotlight- Mystery Books, and Last Week of Library Checkouts for the Year

Thank you everyone for your support for the Scholastic Book Fair!  The students’ mouths were dropped open as they walked by and saw the displays for the first time!  It was so nice to see all the enthusiasm, especially as we haven’t been able to do an in-person book fair for so long.  This coming week is the last week to check out library books.  Then the students will need to return all outstanding books the following week.  Can you believe there are only 3 weeks left of school?

This week I am highlighting great lists for mystery lovers!  Here is an article that explains why you should consider introducing your child to mystery books!

5 Reasons Parents Should Get Mystery Books for Kids

60 Best Middle-Grade Mysteries to Read

50 Must-Read Mystery Books for Kids

Little Detectives: Mystery Books for 6- to 8-Year-Olds

60+ Mystery Chapter Books for Kids

Mystery Books for Kids with Diverse Characters

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