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How to Organize Your Book Collection, and Reading Tip Series from Growing Book by Book Begins

Keep reading, HHCS! You are doing great!  A lot of pledges have already come in – so exciting!

Last week on the blog, I featured children’s and teens’ books about organizing.  This week, we have resources about how to organize your home book collection!

How To Organize Kids’ Books (For A Tidy Home Library)

How to Organize Your Book Collection

How to Declutter Kids Books (Once and for All)

25 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids

How to Organize Kid’s Books

18+ Easy Ideas For Organizing Kids’ Books In Small Spaces

The Home Edit- Kids Book Storage

Display Your Child's Books


Growing Book by Book

Going forward, I will often be sharing tips from a resource pack that I purchased from Jodie at the site Growing Book by Book.  Check out this amazing website with book lists, book activities, early literacy, family activities, and more!



Even if you don’t feel comfortable reading aloud, your child thinks you are a rock star reader. Little ones love to spend time with their family members.  Snuggling up with a book and reading together shows kids that you value reading and it fills their language tanks with rich vocabulary.  

You can also improve your read-aloud confidence.  Watch a few actors read aloud a book on Storyline Online.  (


You’ll pick up some great tips about reading with expression.  


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Bell Let’s Talk Day/Social-Emotional Books, and World Read Aloud Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day was last week, so in honour of that, this week I have posted their website, as well as a slideshow I put together of social-emotional issues, including mental health.  Have a look below- you can see the preview in the post- just click on where it says Slideshow and it will take you to the full screen where you can hit your keyboard arrows to navigate through.  It has social-emotional books featured by topic as well as by favourite authors who have entire collections of books with social-emotional themes. Hope it’s helpful!



This week on February 2, it is World Read Aloud Day!  This day is created by Lit World and sponsored by Scholastic.  Check out some of the online events and activities for your family below.


7 Ways to Celebrate Reading Aloud Together on World Read Aloud Day

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January is National Hobby Month, Books About Food and Cooking, and Epic Books

Hello!  I just wanted to remind everyone, in case your children run out of reading material while at home for online school, that an amazing resource is Epic Books.  If your child’s homeroom classroom does not already have an account, you can use mine.  Epic has a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction e-books to read for free. There are picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels.  Use my class code and check it out!
Class Code
Since January is Hobby Month, I’m including some lists of general books about hobbies as well as about the specific hobby of cooking!

Thematic Reading List: Hobbies

Making and Keeping a Hobby Book

Start with a Book – Cooking and Food

Scholastic- Books to Get Your Kids Cooking

Happy Kids Kitchen – Books About Diversity and Food

Yummy Food Chapter Books for Kids (Who Like to Cook and Bake)

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World Kindness Day, and Upcoming Book-Themed Christmas Ornament Challenge

Saturday was World Kindness Day!  As Jesus-followers, let’s intentionally teach our kids to find ways to be kind.  You will love all the practical ideas and resources on this site:

Quotation: A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. Amelia Earhart

Take a look here:

A Mighty Girl – 25 Picture Books about Kindness and Empathy

Cool to Be Kind: Children’s Books That Champion Kindness

Here We Are


Our fall Book Character Potato Contest was so fun, that I’d like to do something similar yet different for Christmas!  I am planning to put up a Christmas tree in the library in a few weeks.  I would love for students to create (at home) some book-themed ornaments to put on the tree!  Any materials or format are fine as long as they will work well with being up on a tree!  Let your creativity flow!  I will draw a couple of names again to win an Indigo gift card to say thanks for participating.  You may send the students’ creations in at any time – the tree will go up sometime late November.  Need ideas?  Try a keyword search for “DIY Book Character Ornaments.”

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Book Character Potato Contest, New Ada Twist Show on Netflix, and Books About Terry Fox

Hi HHCS!  See below for exciting details about a fun contest in the library coming up soon for this fall! This would make a great Thanksgiving weekend project!

Ada Twist, Scientist is now on Netflix!  Ada Twist, Scientist is a book by Andrea Beaty, the author of many books for children including Rosie Revere, Engineer; Sophia Valdez, Future Prez; Iggy Peck, Architect, and the upcoming Aaron Slater, Illustrator.  These books are all in picture book form but the characters also reappear in the Questioneers chapter book series that continues the adventures.

Check out the author’s website for activity printables and more!–resources.html

We observed Orange Shirt Day at school last week.  It was a good day of learning.  Here’s a few photos I have to share with you, if you haven’t seen them on the school Facebook page already.

The primary classes at HHCS are participating in a Terry Fox jog-a-thon.  Here are some resources if you would like to continue discussions about Terry Fox at home with your children.

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope to see lots of potatoes at school next week!

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Common Sense Media Resources, How to Choose a Book, and Hispanic Heritage Month

It was so nice to see so many families come through on Friday night for a visit to the school!  I enjoyed having you all come through the library with your children.  Thanks for stopping in!

Here is a link to a presentation I made for our school about Digital Citizenship.  I used resources from Common Sense Media which is an amazing site for parents and educators.  I hope that you will find this useful and refer back to it during the school year.  (link below.)

person holding smartphone

Digital Citizenship for Families

You can also go to this link from Common Sense Media and get free text message tips about how to promote healthy media habits with your family!

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has a very helpful article about how to choose a book for your kids.  It has general advice and then also specific advice for each age group and for different book genres.

How To Choose A Book

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month!  Let’s celebrate with some great books.

15 Picture Books That Celebrate Hispanic & Latinx Heritage

14 New Children’s and YA Books That Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

Picture Books for Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month

Bravo! Poems About Amazing Hispanics

I have a whiteboard outside the library where I am starting to post a ‘library question of the week’ for students to write their answers.  The first week’s question was “What was a great book that you read this summer?” and the current question is “Where do you like to read?” How about you?  Feel free to leave a comment below!  Have a great week HHCS and don’t forget about Culture and Curriculum Night on Wednesday!

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Books About Nature, Classic Books for Kids, and Last Day for Accelerated Reader is Coming Up Soon!

Hello HHCS, I hope that you had a beautiful Victoria Day weekend!  As our kids are being outside more and more with this beautiful May weather, here are some book lists on the theme of nature and the outdoors.

100+ Must-Read Nature Books for Kids of All Ages

10 Picture Books to Inspire Children to Get Outside and Explore

This Moose Belongs to Me

34 Nature Books for Kids

20 Children’s Picture Books To Inspire a Love of Nature

CBC Books- Canadian Nature and Weather Related Books for Kids

A reminder to all that the last day to take a test for the Accelerated Reader program is coming up fast!  June 10 is the last day for students to reach their AR goal.  Let’s keep reading, HHCS! Here is a great article about keeping our young readers motivated.

Spark a passion for reading: 15 ways to motivate daily reading practice

This week I am also featuring lists of classic books for kids.  Here are some recommendations of some of the best!  This could be a great challenge for your child this summer- why not try out some of the classics?

15 Classics That 8- to 12-Year-Olds Say Are Worth Reading Today

Treasure Island

15 Classic Children’s Books for 3- to 5-Year-Olds

The Poky Little Puppy

Pan MacMillan- Reading Tips for Classic Children’s Books

laptop reading

“A book is a dream you hold in your hands.” – Neil Gaiman

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Books to Celebrate Mothers, and Author Visit with Terry Lynn Johnson

I hope that you all had a nice Mothers’ Day!  Here are some books to celebrate moms!

When in doubt, go to A Mighty Girl for amazing book lists and other resources!

What to Read with Mom this Mother’s Day

Some great Canadian content here!

40+ Multicultural Children’s Books about Mothers

I love the multicultural representation here!

An old favourite!

Dog Driven

Rescue at Lake Wild

Terry Lynn Johnson is a 2021 Forest of Reading nominated author and shared stories with grades 4-6 last week about her adventures in dog sledding and working at Quetico Park in northern Ontario.  She also explained about the writing and editing process and how much work it takes to get to the final, just right draft!  Terry Lynn had all of us captivated as she enthusiastically shared her stories.  We look forward to reading more of Terry Lynn’s books! Thank you for an amazing author visit Terry Lynn!


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Poetry Popsicle Challenge, Some School Photos, and More Poetry Resources

Hello HHCS community, I hope that everyone had a restful Spring Break!  Even though we will not be able to come back for school in the building this week, I am looking forward to seeing the students online.  Thank goodness for technology!

First of all for this week, a shout-out to Mr. Cook, our school vice-principal.  Every week in his office window he makes a display with an alliterative tribute to one of the teachers- last week before the Spring Break was my turn!  Thank you Mr. Cook, for all that you do for our school, staff, and students!

Next I thought I’d share a few pictures from our World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day activities.  We had the students make ‘little brains’ to illustrate things that they have both strengths and challenges with.  We celebrated all of our neurodiverse brains!

Here is the announcement for the Poetry Popsicle Write it or Recite it Challenge!  I hope the students will enjoy doing this!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the poetry resources mentioned on the poster announcement.  I love using the Poetry Machine with students!

Poetry Games- Poetry Machine


laptop wave

Have a good week and stay healthy HHCS!

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HHCS Spring Online Book Sale Starts Today, and Books About Family Reading

cover of Handbook 8th ed.

This classic book features chapters on subjects like the do’s and don’ts of read aloud, the good news and the bad about digital learning, getting dads more involved in reading with their children, and many more.



“It’s stressful to be a parent. It’s stressful to be a person. But I’ve found that even in the most difficult moments, on the most challenging days, I can usually reach for a book and feel lifted up, returned to myself. On days when I’ve felt as though I have nothing left to give to my kids, I’ve been able to sit next to them and open a book. We start reading, and the world looks different.”




“The act of reading together secures people to one another, creating order and connection, as if we were quilt squares tacked together with threads made of stories.”

“There is an opportunity with children to show them art and illustration that will furnish their minds with beauty and mystery, symmetry and wonder. The simplest mechanism for this is the selection of picture books that we share with them.”

“Reading every day with children can’t guarantee perfect outcomes for any family—not in grades, not in happiness, not in relationships. But it is as close to a miracle product as we can buy, and it doesn’t cost a nickel.”

And now for my favourite, The Read-Aloud Family, by Sarah Mackenzie.


“A book can’t change the world on its own. But a book can change readers. And readers? They can change the world.”

“When read-aloud time doesn’t look like we originally hoped, we begin to doubt that it’s giving us any of those wonderful benefits we discussed in part 1. But here’s the thing: it still works. Even when it’s noisy, messy, and more chaotic than you’d like it to be, it works. Even when kids are grumbling, complaining, and don’t seem to be listening, it works.”

Sarah Mackenzie is also the creator of The Read-Aloud Revival website and podcast. She is an amazing advocate for family reading!

Read-Aloud Revival Podcast Episodes