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Bell Let’s Talk Day/Social-Emotional Books, and World Read Aloud Day

Bell Let’s Talk Day was last week, so in honour of that, this week I have posted their website, as well as a slideshow I put together of social-emotional issues, including mental health.  Have a look below- you can see the preview in the post- just click on where it says Slideshow and it will take you to the full screen where you can hit your keyboard arrows to navigate through.  It has social-emotional books featured by topic as well as by favourite authors who have entire collections of books with social-emotional themes. Hope it’s helpful!



This week on February 2, it is World Read Aloud Day!  This day is created by Lit World and sponsored by Scholastic.  Check out some of the online events and activities for your family below.


7 Ways to Celebrate Reading Aloud Together on World Read Aloud Day

Family Literacy

Family Literacy

January 27 is Family Literacy Day in Canada, and I’ve curated some really great articles for you about ways to incorporate a culture of family literacy at home.  It’s so important to make reading a regular and enjoyable part of our lives.  On that note, I thought it would be fun to see some pictures of your children’s home libraries.  Feel free to email me a picture if you’d like it to be featured on the blog!


Reading Rockets- Creating a Home Library

Creating a Home Library

Reading Rockets- A Fresh Look at Your Home Library

A Fresh Look at Your Home Library

Reading Rockets- Building Reading Stamina

Theme Guide: Family Literacy Day

Scholastic- Family Literacy Day

Celebrate Family Literacy Day with these inspiring reads!

Family Literacy Day 2022: Learning in the Great Outdoors

How to Make Reading Fun: 25 Ideas Kids Will Love

How to Raise a Mom

Family Literacy Day Ideas



HHCS Reads

HHCS Reads- The Reading Life of Mrs. B, and Music-Related Books for Kids

Hello everyone!  I’m looking forward to seeing all the students in the building again this week! Last year on the blog I started a feature called “HHCS Reads”, where I ‘interview’ various staff members about their reading lives.  I realized I’ve never done a post like this on myself as a reader, so here goes!  As you can see in the picture below, one of my favourite childhood books was the Anne of Green Gables series.  I have various versions of these books around the house and have them on display. I read and re-read all of the books by Lucy Maud Montgomery many times.  I travelled to Prince Edward Island many years ago and had a wonderful time exploring all the ‘Anne’ tourist attractions and reading on the beaches.

Another favourite childhood book series was the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis.  I loved escaping to the land of Narnia.  Some of you know that I have 3 daughters.  My middle daughter’s middle name is Lucy- after author Lucy Maud Montgomery, and the character of Lucy in the Narnia books.

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe (1980 edition) | Open Library

My favourite thing about reading is that it takes you somewhere new- see the quote on the picture below.  I love experiencing different things through books.  Books are an amazing way to be a life-long learner.  Literature and the arts are so important in so many ways.  My go-to genre is specifically World War II historical fiction.  Probably a lot of my interest in that is because of my grandparents’ experience in the war.  I do try to expand what I read though – I am in a book club with some other women and we challenge ourselves to read new genres and sub-genres.

As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I also have a love of vintage children’s books.  If you want to see some posts about that you can just click on the tag over at the side of the blog.  As a teacher-librarian, of course I have a love of modern children’s literature as well.  A favourite picture book series are the books by Jory John.

Bad Seed Cover.jpg

A chapter book series that I love to recommend in the How to Train Your Dragon series.  There are 12 books in this series by Cressida Cowell.  I read all of them with my oldest daughter when she was younger.  They are hilarious, adventurous, and so well-written!  I have just recently purchased them for the school library so they are ready for checkouts!

How to Train Your Dragon

If there are any students or families reading this blog that would like to be ‘interviewed’ about your life as a reader or your family’s love of reading, please let me know!  Email me at

Next for this week we have a focus on music-related books for kids.  Have a great week everyone!

Books About Music and Musicians

Best Middle-Grade Books About Music and Musical Theater

Forever Young

Picture Books for Rock and Roll Parents and Their Kids

Books About Music For Kids

10 Fantastic Books About Sound & Music for Young Children

Apps and websites

January is National Hobby Month, Books About Food and Cooking, and Epic Books

Hello!  I just wanted to remind everyone, in case your children run out of reading material while at home for online school, that an amazing resource is Epic Books.  If your child’s homeroom classroom does not already have an account, you can use mine.  Epic has a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction e-books to read for free. There are picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels.  Use my class code and check it out!
Class Code
Since January is Hobby Month, I’m including some lists of general books about hobbies as well as about the specific hobby of cooking!

Thematic Reading List: Hobbies

Making and Keeping a Hobby Book

Start with a Book – Cooking and Food

Scholastic- Books to Get Your Kids Cooking

Happy Kids Kitchen – Books About Diversity and Food

Yummy Food Chapter Books for Kids (Who Like to Cook and Bake)

Scholastic Book Club

January Scholastic Digi-Flyer and New Year Reading Resolutions for Kids

January English FlyerJanuary French Flyer

January Scholastic- English

January Scholastic- French

Happy New Year, everyone!  Scholastic digi-flyers are here for January!

Announcement re: book-themed Christmas ornaments- Emma S. in grade 7, you have been selected to win the prize of a gift card from Indigo! Thank you so much to Emma and to everyone else for the lovely contributions to our library Christmas tree! You may come and pick up your ornaments from me in the library this week!

EDIT:  Now that we’ve had to flip to online learning we will have to figure this out at a later date! Look forward to seeing everyone in person again- in the meantime let’s make the best of it on Zoom.

Check out these interesting resources for families and kids about ways to make reading resolutions for the new year! I challenge you to pick a couple- which ones will your family work on this year?

Scholastic- 100 New Years Reading Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions For Kids Based on Books and Reading

How to Make Reading Resolutions as a Family

New Year’s Resolutions: 4 Simple Ways to Read More with your Children in 2018