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Earth Day, Shakespeare’s Birthday, and HHCS Reads- Interview with Mrs. Tapley

Hi everyone!  Don’t forget that students can still submit poems until Friday for the Write it or Recite It- Poetry Popsicle Challenge!  We’ve really been enjoying the poems that have come in so far! See my last blog post for details.

This past week was Earth Day!  Let’s keep the learning going in our families- enjoy these activities with your kids!

This past week was also Shakespeare’s birthday!  I thought I’d include some resources here about Shakespeare for kids!
Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave

This week we have another interview for our HHCS READS feature!  Mrs. Tapley is a paraprofessional at HHCS and is new to our school this year.  Here is what she says:


I am currently reading a book called “Love Does” that I purchased from the book fair.  It is written by Bob Goff who is the founder and president of a non-profit organization called Love Does that fights injustices committed against children.  Each chapter highlights a life lesson and includes entertaining (and sometimes hilarious) stories from his life.  It is an easy read and I strongly recommend it.
Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World
I was given a book called “Joy to the World” this past Christmas.  It is a regency Christmas collection of 3 books written by Carolyn Miller (Heaven and Nature Sing), Amanda Barratt (Far as the Curse is Found), and Erica Vetsch (Wonders of His Love).  Each novella includes stories of faith and romance.  I love happy endings so I really enjoyed this book!
When I was younger I always enjoyed poetry by Shel Silverstein.  I remember my school librarian reading to my class from his book called “Where the Sidewalk Ends”.  I have my own copy now.  One of my favourite poems is called “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out”.  Her pile of garbage reached so high it touched the sky so children please do NOT forget to take the garbage out!
Where the Sidewalk Ends
I also enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables series when I was younger.  Anne is an orphan adopted by Matthew and Mirella.  They requested a boy to help with their chores on the farm but were very surprised and delighted when Anne arrived on their doorstep.  The books share wonderful stories about her life in Avonlea, a farming community on Prince Edward Island.  I am currently watching the “Anne with an E” series on Netflix which has been a delight!
Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Tapley!  I love Anne of Green Gables too!
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Poetry Popsicle Challenge, Some School Photos, and More Poetry Resources

Hello HHCS community, I hope that everyone had a restful Spring Break!  Even though we will not be able to come back for school in the building this week, I am looking forward to seeing the students online.  Thank goodness for technology!

First of all for this week, a shout-out to Mr. Cook, our school vice-principal.  Every week in his office window he makes a display with an alliterative tribute to one of the teachers- last week before the Spring Break was my turn!  Thank you Mr. Cook, for all that you do for our school, staff, and students!

Next I thought I’d share a few pictures from our World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day activities.  We had the students make ‘little brains’ to illustrate things that they have both strengths and challenges with.  We celebrated all of our neurodiverse brains!

Here is the announcement for the Poetry Popsicle Write it or Recite it Challenge!  I hope the students will enjoy doing this!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the poetry resources mentioned on the poster announcement.  I love using the Poetry Machine with students!

Poetry Games- Poetry Machine





laptop wave

Have a good week and stay healthy HHCS!

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World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day, Poetry Month, and New Scholastic Digi-Flyer

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HHCS, thank you for your support in making the Book Outlet Online Book Fair a success!  We had excellent results as we earned $$822.63 in funds for our school library!  Wow!  I’ll be sure to keep you updated with some pictures of the books that I buy with those proceeds!  Don’t forget that for the next 6 months, we can STILL earn more funds for our library- Book Outlet will be giving us 5% back in earnings on any book orders placed!  So if you want to go back and do another order at some point, you can still do so and help our school- enjoy!

World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day was on Friday April 2, and we will be celebrating as a school on Tuesday April 6.  As teachers we are looking forward to sharing information with the students about what autism is, how to accept people with differences, and how we all have different strengths or challenges in life. Enjoy some of these resources to help reinforce with your children to “see the amazing” that God has put in each person!


April is Poetry Month!  I will feature a few resources for poetry for different ages over the next few blog posts.  Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement later in April about a school-wide Poetry Challenge!

8 Incredible Novels in Verse for Tweens

Brown Girl Dreaming


Lyrical Picture Books That Encourage a Love of Poetry


New book order flyers for Scholastic are here!

Class code – RC391237

Spring Gift Guide

April- May – Scholastic

Spring Gift Guide March/April 2021