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Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month! Check out these amazing books on this topic!

60 Inspiring Women’s History Month Biographies for Kids

Kid Lit Mama- Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month read alouds

10 Children’s Books for Women’s History Month



You can help your child get smart about how books work. When enjoying a book with a child, point out the following things:

Location of the front and back of the book

Where the words are and where the pictures are on the pages

Drag your finger across the page to show that we read from left to right

Count the number of words on a page

Show how to turn the pages in a book


Modeling how to handle a book will help your child become book smart.

TAKE AWAY:  Point out the parts of a book and how to read it. 

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Pictures of Book Character Day

Wow, March Break just flew by! Here are some pictures of our recent school Book Character Day! We had a blast at school, the kids were so excited to see each other and all the staff dressed up!

Tip from Growing Book by Book:

“Understanding a story is one piece of becoming a proficient reader.  The skill of comprehending can be developed long before kids read on their own. Talking about books with kids is a great way for kids to learn about retelling a story, identifying components of a story, and making connections with books. After you read a story to the kids, periodically stop and ask your kids to tell you what they think will happen next. If a story reminds you of something, share that thinking with your kids. Ask open-ended questions about stories and encourage your kids to tell you ‘why’ when they give you an answer. Periodically ‘notice’ something about the story as you read as a model for your kids.”


Building Comprehension: Asking Questions While Reading – Growing Book by Book


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Books About Names, and Scholastic Digi-Flyers for March

Thanks again to Usborne rep and HHCS paraeducator Deanna McAllister for organizing a very successful Read-a-Thon! Don’t forget to select the books that your child would like to pick out as their reward for their efforts! We are looking forward to using our proceeds to get many amazing new Usborne books for our school library.

March Scholastic Digi-Flyers are out!

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Sunday, March 5, is “Fun Facts About Names” day.  Here are some books about the importance of names!


Sharing your high and realistic expectations with your child regarding reading helps to set the tone for learning to take place. Decide what your expectations will be and then share them with your child often. For example- I expect you to try your best. We read every day. 

Take away- Set high and realistic expectations when it comes to reading. 

Happy March break everyone!
have a good week
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Books for Kids about Space

Since I am teaching a unit about Space right now at school, I was inspired to have a library blog post this week about books about Space!  By sharing these books with your kids, it can open up amazing conversations about the vastness and beauty of the universe and God’s amazing handiwork.

A Mighty Girl- Reach for the Stars


Best Space & Astronomy Books for Kids – 2023


Storytime from Space

Best Books for Kids About Space

To Infinity and Beyond! Far Out Space Books for Future Astronauts

Birthday on Mars!

GROWING READERS TIP- Super Reading Support


Do you know how you can best support your young reader?

  1. Have lots of books in the house for your child to read and for your family to read together. 
  2. Find pockets of time for reading to take place.
  3. Talk about books together.
  4. Listen to your child read.
  5. Encourage your child to try his/her best.


TAKE AWAY:  Simple steps can support developing young readers.

Growing Book by Book

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Black History Month

GROWING READERS TIP- Giving Kids the Language to Succeed

A big vocabulary helps kids read, write, and talk. How do we help kids grow their vocabulary?  

  1. Read, read, read.  Books are filled with rich language that your child will absorb the more he/she interacts with books.
  2. Talk, talk, talk.  Having conversations WITH your child gives him/her a chance to practice the vocabulary read and heard.  

Take away:  I can read and talk with my child to develop vocabulary. 

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Recently at school we had an assembly in honour of Black History Month.  Our guest speakers reminded us that Black History is Canada’s History.  We learned about the story of Africville.  Here are some resources to help you to know more about what happened in this little town in Nova Scotia, and to discuss it with your children.


Enjoy these book lists for Black History Month as well!

Today’s Parent- Great Black History Month Books

28 great kids' books about Black history

Harper Collins

Reading Rockets

28 Days: Moments in Black History that Changed the World

21 Picture Books for Black History Month

40 Children’s Book Black History Month Biographies

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Valentines’ Day, and Scholastic Digi-Flyers for February

Valentine’s Day is upon us already!  Enjoy these lists of books about friendship and love.

Valentine’s Day Picture Book Gifts for Little Readers


The Wonderful Things You Will Be

A Mighty Girl- Books About Family Love

35 Best Kids’ Valentine’s Day Books

A Mighty Girl- Books About Friendship

February Scholastic Digi-Flyers are out!

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February English Flyer
Celebrate Diversity Digi-Flyer
Fall in Love with These Books Digi-Flyer


A quick check of a child’s homework or work folder helps to monitor that literacy progress is being made.  Daily homework, literacy suggestions, and important notes and forms should be reviewed daily by families.  It’s helpful to have a set time and place to review items so that it becomes a habit to check.  

Take away:  Check homework and work folders daily to monitor progress. 

Growing Book by Book

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HHCS Staff Loves Books!

Some of the Halton Hills Christian School staff shared with me what their favourite books for children and young people are. Enjoy this sneak peek into our teachers’ reading lives!

Mrs. Amaral loves Subway Mouse – written and illustrated by Barbara Reid!

Mrs. Sypkes likes The Spiderwick Chronicles- we have this series in our school library!

Ms. Jones says that The Book with No Pictures is hilarious!

Ms. Takaki says- “I would say “Fish in a Tree” is a favourite story because I like “underdog stories”. These stories are about characters who don’t see the gifts and talents that they have and they don’t see themselves in the same light as others. These characters also think that they don’t have a lot to offer in this world – but they do. Ally is a student who struggles at school, has a tendency to day dream and sometimes gets teased. She has struggled enough that she begins to think that she might be dumb.  Along the way she learns what true friends are and how learning differently doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.

Everyone needs to know that they have worth and that they have value.  Kindness matters. For anyone who is a fan of “Wonder”, I think that you will enjoy this book as well.”

Mrs. Bocchinfuso finds this book for kids helpful!

Mrs. Tapley loved Amelia Bedelia when she was a little girl!

Ms. Dykstra especially likes this book by Eric Walters.  He has written over 100 books!


Ms. Mantel is reading Number the Stars with her students right now and really enjoys it!

Ms. Westendorp says- “A book series that I read in grades 7-8 that I really enjoyed was the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz – the first one “Stormbreaker” really interested me and I read the entire series to follow.”


Mrs. Olazabal loves Elephant and Piggie!

Mrs. Sithamparapelli says- “When I was really young, my parents told me that I always asked them to read Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.”

Mrs. Baillargeon (that’s me!) has loved the Anne of Green Gables series and all books by L.M. Montgomery since she was a little girl.  Did you know that the author lived in nearby Norval for part of her life?


Mrs. Vetro loves the English and French versions of Le Petit Prince/The Little Prince!


Mr. VanDonkersgoed loves this sweet book by Robert Munsch!



“Kids are more motivated to read if they can choose the books they want to read or have read to them.  Building a personal home library is important and can be done in an economical way.  Kids need reading material to practice reading.  If your kids love a particular book, look for other books by the same author.  It’s ok if kids want to hear or read the same books over and over again.  Books are like friends.  We want to spend lots of time with them.  Book club flyers offer high interest in low cost books.”

Growing Book by Book

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Books that Embrace Hygge

How’s the read-a-thon going for all our participants?  So proud of all of you for your efforts!  Keep going!

Reading tip for the week from Growing Book by Book- “No player in the NBA was born wanting to play basketball.  The desire to play ball or to read must be planted.  The last 25 years of research show that reading aloud to a child is the oldest, cheapest, and most successful method of instilling that desire. Shooting baskets with a child creates a basketball player; reading to a child creates a reader.” – Jim Trelease

Take away:  Plant a reading seed. 


It’s the season for Hygge!  Hygge is pronounced ‘HOO-guh’- a Danish and Norwegian word that describes a mood of coziness, comfort, wellness, and contentment.  A hygge lifestyle also involves taking time away from the weekly routine to be with the people you love and to have time to yourself. Things like warmth, lights, comfort food, and fun all contribute to a hygge feel!  Enjoy these books to share with your kids about hygge as you cozy up together!

Disney Frozen: Anna and Elsa's Hygge Life

11 Picture Books That Make Kids Feel Warm and Cozy

Day Dreamers

Books to Cozy Up with on a Winter’s Night

16 Cozy Picture Books for a Winter Night

12 Comforting Picture Books about Home

So Cozy


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How to Organize Your Book Collection, and Reading Tip Series from Growing Book by Book Begins

Keep reading, HHCS! You are doing great!  A lot of pledges have already come in – so exciting!

Last week on the blog, I featured children’s and teens’ books about organizing.  This week, we have resources about how to organize your home book collection!

How To Organize Kids’ Books (For A Tidy Home Library)

How to Organize Your Book Collection

How to Declutter Kids Books (Once and for All)

25 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids

How to Organize Kid’s Books

18+ Easy Ideas For Organizing Kids’ Books In Small Spaces

The Home Edit- Kids Book Storage

Display Your Child's Books


Growing Book by Book

Going forward, I will often be sharing tips from a resource pack that I purchased from Jodie at the site Growing Book by Book.  Check out this amazing website with book lists, book activities, early literacy, family activities, and more!



Even if you don’t feel comfortable reading aloud, your child thinks you are a rock star reader. Little ones love to spend time with their family members.  Snuggling up with a book and reading together shows kids that you value reading and it fills their language tanks with rich vocabulary.  

You can also improve your read-aloud confidence.  Watch a few actors read aloud a book on Storyline Online.  (


You’ll pick up some great tips about reading with expression.