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Read-a-Thon and January Scholastic Digi-Flyers

Happy New Year everyone!  Welcome back to school.  I am excited to announce a Read-a-Thon that HHCS will be participating in.  It is optional for students and will start this week.  An information package will be coming home this week.  When students complete their Read-a-Thon goals, they will earn 50% of the pledge money for themselves from Usborne books, and 50% will go to the HHCS Library.  Win-win!  More information to follow.  Many thanks to HHCS paraeducator and Usborne Books rep- Deanna Livingstone!

January Scholastic Digi-Flyers are out!

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January English Flyer
January French Flyer
Teen January Digi-Flyer
January/February Bonus Flyer
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Remembrance Day, and Scholastic Digi-Flyers for November

November English Flyer

November- English

November French Flyer

November- French

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As a school we are getting ready for Remembrance Day.  We will have an assembly Friday morning in the gym and parents are welcome to attend. I hope these book ideas will be helpful for you to discuss the topic as a family at home.

Canadian Books for Children and Young Adults to Commemorate Remembrance Day

A Remembrance Day Reading List

Lest We Forget- Books for Remembrance Day

Highway of Heroes

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October Scholastic Digi-Flyers, Christian Book Fair, and 7 Habits of Happy Kids

October Scholastic Digi-Flyers are here!

Your order will ship to your home and you can order online whenever you’d like!  When you enter the ‘class code’, your order earns 20% back for new books for our school library.  Orders over $40 are free shipping.

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October English Flyer

October- English Digi-Flyer

October- French Digi-Flyer

October French Flyer

If your child still wants to get in a last minute entry for the Book-Themed Lego contest, they can bring it in by Tuesday at the latest, before I will draw a random winner from all the entries!  They look amazing in the library and I can’t wait to post pictures next week!

Parents and Grandparents, the book fair is open for you during Parent-Teacher interviews and Grandparents’ Day!  Students, the fair is open for you when your homeroom teachers take you during the week, or at select recess times.  (stay tuned- listen on the morning announcements.)


At HHCS, we begin each school year in every grade teaching about The 7 Habits of Happy Kids; using the book by Sean Covey, and referring to what we have learned often throughout the year.  It has become part of our school ‘language’ and has a big effect on building successful habits in our students. Here are some picture book suggestions to help our kids internalize what these habits are all about.

Habit #1 – Be Proactive, You’re in Charge:

46677. sx318





Habit #2- Begin with the End in Mind

562763. sx318




Habit #3- Put First Things First

4948. sx318


Habit #4- Think Win-Win




Habit #5- Seek First to Understand


58922. sx318

Habit #6- Synergize

223845. sx318



Habit #7- Sharpen the Saw


191117. sx318

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Books About Queen Elizabeth, and Scholastic Digi-Flyers for September

It was so nice to see so many families at the Back to School Night!  I hope you all had a great time.  Don’t forget this Wednesday is Culture and Curriculum Night. I will be in the library so you can stop by to talk to me.  I’ll have a handout to give everyone as well.  See you soon!

I run a Scholastic program where parents can purchase books for their children and then we receive free books for our school library as a reward.  For those who have children in classes where the homeroom teachers are not already running a classroom account, you are welcome to use this whole-school one.

Your order will ship to your home and you can order online whenever you’d like!  When you enter the ‘class code’, your order earns 20% back for new books for our school library.  Orders over $40 are free shipping.

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September English Flyer

September- English

September French Flyer

September- French

September/October Bonus Flyer

September-October Bonus Flyer

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, here are some books for kids to learn more about her life, faith, and the events of her lifetime.  At school on Monday we will be observing with a moment of silence.

60438685. sx318

60823202. sx318

Queen Elizabeth II: The Queen Who Chose To Serve

Who Is Queen Elizabeth II? book cover

Queen Elizabeth II: A Little Golden Book Biography

60656749. sx318


57356019. sx318

60904146. sx318

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Asian Heritage Month, Scholastic Digi-Flyers, and Scholastic Book Fair is Here!!

End of the year Scholastic digi-flyers are here! Don’t forget that volunteer hours can be earned by purchasing from Scholastic!

When ordering, use Class code- RC391237.  Orders over $40 are FREE delivery to your home!


May June Flyer

Scholastic- English Digi-Flyer for June

Scholastic- French Digi-Flyer for June

Scholastic- Camp Read-a-Lot

The in-person Scholastic book fair also starts this week!!  Students will shop during their class’s regular library period of the week.  (Grade 4-5 and 6a are rescheduled to Friday because of the music assembly on Wednesday.) I will also have the book fair open during morning recess on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Students who need to come back to shop a second time or who will be away on their class’s scheduled day may come during recess times.  Parents are also welcome to come after the music assembly on Wednesday until 4:00.

May is Asian Heritage month- enjoy these book selections!

Kids’ Books on the Experiences of Asian American Immigrants

The Many Meanings of Meilan

Scholastic- Asian Heritage Month

Alvin Ho series by Lenore Look

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things

Any Day with You by Mae Respicio

Any Day with You

Kudo Kids Series

Kudo Kids: The Mystery in Manhattan

Soul Lanterns by Shaw Kuzki

Soul Lanterns

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Author Focus on Oliver Jeffers, Scholastic Book Fair and Other Library Reminders

Images from

Oliver Jeffers has written and illustrated many children’s books and is a talented artist.  His books have a wonderful sense of whimsy.  Check out some of his work!


WWB 3D packshot copy.jpg


STUCK (edited) copy.jpg


Scholastic book fair is coming NEXT WEEK!  Classes will visit the fair on their regular library visit day so be sure to pack spending money that day.

Last day to take AR tests is coming up on June 9!  Students should plan accordingly to be able to meet their goals by this deadline.

Honours Reader program (optional challenge) is hosted in Google classroom- join code is qru34nw.

Please double check with your children if they have been bringing back their library books on time or if you might have received any late notices from the library that may have gone to your spam folder.

Have a wonderful week!


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World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day, and April Digi-Flyers

Scholastic April digi-flyers are here!  School-wide class code is RC391237.

April English Flyer

April French Flyer

April English Flyer

This Monday at HHCS we celebrated World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day.  We talked to the students about our wonderful neurodiverse brains, about qualities and difficulties of autism, and about accepting and celebrating our similarities and differences.  Enjoy these resources!

Books for Kids with Characters on the Autism Spectrum

Scholastic Book Club

Books for Kids who Like Arts and Crafts, and March/Spring Digi-Flyers

Don’t forget that Friday is the last day to hand in your forms for the Reading Olympics Challenge!  See my last 2 blog posts if you need details.

Scholastic digi-flyers are here!

Spring Flyer

Scholastic Rewards Catalogue

March Flyer- English

March English Flyer

March Flyer- French


March French Flyer

This week’s spotlight is on books for kids who like arts and crafts.  Encourage your family’s hobbies by helping them to learn more about them with a book!

Inspiring Children’s Books for Young Artists

Art History Books for Kids


Art History Books for Kids, Homeschool Art Unit Study Literature Resource


Art History for Kids: Children’s Books About Great Artists

Get Creative With These Craft Books for Kids

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids

25 Awesome Art Books for Kids

25 Art Books for Kids

Top 10: Best Books for Young Artists (ages 2-18)

Exploring The Great Artists – 20+ Art Books For Kids

23 Picture Books to Inspire Artistic Creativity

Art Books for Kids